Trait Technology is capable of delivering appropriate DESIGN-DRAWING in the field of Fire Safety based on NFPA, BNBC, IBC etc. codes. Our design engineers are proficient to utilize these codes and produce design maintaining quality. We also bring up design approvals from concerning organizations as FSCD, DIFE, RSC/ACCORD, NIRAPON etc. on client's demand. Some of our scope of works in DESIGN-DRAWING are as follows :

Fire Detection & Alarm System

               >Proposed & As-Built Design-Drawing Preparation

               >Design-Drawing Review

Automatic Fire Sprinkler System

               >Proposed & As-Built Design-Drawing Preparation

               >Design-Drawing Review

Fire Hydrant System

               >Proposed & As-Built Design-Drawing Preparation

               >Design-Drawing Review


Our service also includes various design calculations. We determine these calculation using design software and codes . We provide the following calculations for FPS ( Fire Protection System) & FDS (Fire Detection System) :

  • Hydraulic Calculation (FPS)
  • Voltage Drop Calculation (FDS)
  • Battery Size Calculation (FDS)
  • Conduit Fill Calculation (FDS)

Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning 

We supply materials for Fire Hydrant System, Fire Detection System, Fire Suppression System, Fire Extinguishing System, Passive Fire Protection etc.. We supply these items through LC or ready stock. Both listed or non-listed items are available which can be viewed by the following links:

Our expertized installation team are ready to deliver high quality jobs with professional hands. We ensure proper installation as per installation codes and smooth finish with our finest installation equipment such as Drill Machine, Welding Machine etc.. Safety at workplace is our top priority issue. So Our management always guide our worker with HSE codes to avoid hazard at workplace. Our installation scope includes material installation for Fire Extinguishing System, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Detection & Alarm System (FDS), Automatic Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Protection Construction such as Fire Door, Fire Dampers, Fire Curtains, Gypsum Board etc.

We do Testing & Commissioning of FPS & FDS system. Other scope of Testing includes Fire Pump Performance Test / Acceptance Test, Flow Test, Hydrostatic Test and many more.


                >Fire Safety Plan with approval    

                >Initial or Preliminary Inspection on Fire Safety      

                >Remediation Verification Visit    

                >Pre-Cap Closing Verification Visit   

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