Trait Technology is formed by the effort of a BUETian to develop the business independently.Our organization is capable to handle simple to complex situation and produce smooth finish. Our main focus stays on how to achieve business target and secure a comfortable place. In doing so we readily mark importance on hard work, motivation and efficiency.We evaluate our each clients at the same attitude.So we believe in building a safer country all together.


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For the endless grace of Almighty and our efforts , we could have formed our organization Trait Technology in 2023. Like many other  , we also had to face tremendous difficulties at our initial stage which still exist. But we are determined to face all uneven conditions and move forward. Already we have passed one year of excellence where we have found trust, inspiration and commitment from our  customers which added a great value to the organization. 

We are intended to deliver our best services to our clients with minimum cost and maximum satisfaction. To implement this , we are taking initiatives to sacrifice bigger  profit margin by investing time and capital . We started our business in Fire Safety in and around Dhaka and now we are planning to spread our business all over the country. At the same time we have broadened our scope of work in Electrical Safety, Structural Safety and Architecture to bring forth business diversity.

Our another motto is to hold transparency. Without transparency, it's difficult to focus on goal and achieve business target. So we keep trying to be transparent in each and every aspect of business activities.

We are now searching new opportunities and scope to uplift our business at a better position. We invoke more clients to get involved in our organization so that they can share their business proposal, work scope with us. At the same time, we welcome their cooperation, collaboration etc. In this manner we believe in building a stronger relationship between us which can lead to a fruitful outcome.

In conclusion, I would like to say that it's our responsibility to make a safer Bangladesh. All we need is to perform jobs consummately from individual  position. Definitely, the sum of each and everyone's contribution could result in building beautiful Bangladesh.


Integrity is our top priority value
You can rely on us entirely
We are committed to serve with trust 


Market Research
We keep continuous market research to expand and penetrate our business
Enhanced Service
We make policies on how to deliver high quality service and develop skills
Improved Efficiency
We always upgrade efficiency by quality leader, skilled manpower and proper time management
Developing Alliances
We build alliances by our integrity, commitment and trust
Cost Minimization
We always focus on quality service with minimum cost

You can be our partner because of our

-Operational Excellence
-Team of experts